San Diego City Council President


Choosing the Council President is the first decision the new San Diego City Council will make on December 10th. 

And that’s the moment when we see if this historic council that includes five new members elected on progressive platforms actually walks the walk. 

Will they allow business-as-usual special interests like the Chamber of Commerce and Police Officers Association to dictate to them, or will they listen to the community and follow through on their commitment to equity and racial justice and choose Monica Montgomery Steppe?


Experience & Integrity

Monica has the integrity, experience and track record to lead the City Council. With five new councilmembers joining the Council after this election, her ability to find common ground and build consensus will help move our city forward.

Social Justice & Equity

This moment demands a strong leader who can bring people together to begin righting racial and social injustices. Monica is a grassroots champion who led the effort to create the city's Office on Race and Equity.

Leadership on Critical Issues

Monica has demonstrated the vision and determination needed to lead the city as we face critical issues like recovery from COVID-19, the housing crisis, good paying, secure jobs, climate change, and police reform.

Call into the City Council Meeting on Thursday, Dec 10 @ 2 pm:

Speak directly to the San Diego City Councilmembers who will decide who serves as Council President on Thursday, December 10. Each speaker has one minute to provide a comment. Instructions for how to call in and talking points are in our toolkit.  

Email San Diego City Councilmembers Today!

Your name and/or organization will be displayed on this website and in our online materials. We will not sell or share your personal information. We may contact you with ways to support this effort.



We are an independent coalition* of San Diego organizations and neighbors coming together to support an incredible leader to be the next City Council President.

* This coalition is independent and is not being organized by the Councilmember or her office. 


  • ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • American Federation of Teachers Guild 1931
  • American Muslim Democrats of San Diego
  • Asian Solidarity Collective
  • Bay Terrace Fil-Am Seniors Association
  • Better apc
  • Bike SD
  • Black American Political Association (San Diego Chapter)
  • Black Women’s Institute for Leadership Development
  • California Alliance for Restorative Justice
  • Center on Policy Initiatives
  • Change Begins with Me
  • Clean Energy Now
  • City Heights Community Development Corp.
  • Climate Action Campaign
  • Climate Defenders Action Fund
  • Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency 
  • Coast Law Group
  • Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
  • Community Energy Action Network
  • Del Cerro 4 BLM
  • Democrats for Environmental Action
  • Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego
  • Destiny Six Financial
  • Environmental Health Coalition
  • Hammond Climate Solutions 
  • hoMEwork
  • Indivisible San Diego Persist
  • Jr Ona Photography
  • Kymaani Catalyst Consulting
  • Majdal Center
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Democratic Club of San Diego County
  • Mid-City Community Advocacy Network
  • Montano Marquez Consulting
  • Mothers Out Front San Diego
  • Muslim American Society (and MAS-PACE) 
  • Mxms United for Black Lives
  • OB Rag
  • Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans
  • People’s Alliance for Justice
  • Pillars of the Community
  • Powers Engineering
  • Protect our Communities Foundation
  • Protect Our Preserves San Diego (POPs)
  • Racial Justice Coalition of San Diego
  • San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention
  • San Diegans for Justice
  • San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • San Diego Labor Democratic Club
  • San Diego Labor, Environmental, and Community Coalition
  • San Diego Original Black Panther Party for Community Empowerment
  • San Diego Progressive Democratic Club
  • SanDiego350
  • San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition
  • SEIU 221
  • SEIU – United Service Workers West
  • Sierra Club San Diego
  • Sugar & Lash
  • Sunrise Movement San Diego
  • Tech Workers Coalition
  • Think Dignity
  • United Domestic Workers
  • Walk With Me Inc.
  • Youth Evolutions Mentoring 

Elected Officials

  • Dr. Shirley Weber, State Assemblymember D79
  • Georgette Gómez, San Diego City Council President 
  • Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Mayor, National City. 
  • Mona Rios, Vice Mayor, National City 
  • Barbara Bry, City Councilmember, San Diego
  • Marco Amaral, Trustee for the South Bay Union School District.
  • Marcus Bush, Councilmember elect, National City. 
  • Jack Shu, Councilmember elect, La Mesa. 


(District individuals live or work in)

  • Mahassim Abdallah (D9)
  • Ismahan Abdullahi (D9)
  • Alexandria Abrams (D2)
  • Rachel Acosta (D7)
  • Isabelle Adams (D1)
  • Tyrelle Adams (D7)
  • Yahya Afenir (D7)
  • Mejgan Afshan (D4)
  • Hayley Aguilar (D7)
  • Michelle Aguilar (D9)
  • Paul Alexander (D4)
  • Roberta Alexander (D9)
  • Rachel Alexandria (D1)
  • Saima Ali (D1)
  • Arwa Alkhawaja (D1)
  • Jesse Alkhouri (D4)
  • Amanda Allen (D7)
  • Patty Allen (D4)
  • Jason Anderson (D3)
  • Evlyn Andrade (D3)
  • Naureen Ansari (D4)
  • Anabel Arauz (D8)
  • Charlene Atkins (D3)
  • Grace Aumoeualogo (D1)
  • Sharon Aumoeualogo (D7)
  • Laila Aziz (D4)
  • Oliver Bailey (D4)
  • Alexander Bakst (D3)
  • Susan Baldwin (D9)
  • Lindsay Ball (D6)
  • Carole Banka (D5)
  • Carolyn Barkow (D7)
  • Jessica Barlow (D3)
  • Liam Barrett (D6)
  • Anne Barron (D9)
  • Dayne Barton (D5)
  • Francesca Barton (D5)
  • Luca Barton (D5)
  • Nelson Barton (D5)
  • Stephen Bartram (D4)
  • Puja Batra (D3)
  • Livia Beaudin (D9)
  • Tama Becker-Varano (D1)
  • Judith Bellin (D1)
  • Beau Benko (D3)
  • William Benson (D8)
  • Craig Bentley (D3)
  • Richard Bentley (D3)
  • Gwendolyn Berren (D1)
  • Michael Berry (D4)
  • Joe Bettles (D1)
  • Chelsey Birgisdottir (D4)
  • Alison Black (D1)
  • Jill Blumenthal (D1)
  • Luqmaan Bokhary (D1)
  • Demetre Booker Jr (D7)
  • Molly Boyd (D4)
  • Michael Brackney (D3)
  • John Brady (D3)
  • Kelly Bray (D3)
  • Bonnie Breckenridge (D4)
  • Cheryl Brierton (D3)
  • Ronald Brookins II (D4)
  • Terry Brooks (D4)
  • Rickie Brown (D9)
  • Lynsey Buerer (D1)
  • Kathryn Burton (D1)
  • Audrey Byrne (D2)
  • Josie Caballero (D3)
  • Steven Cable (D4)
  • Czeska Cabuhat (D3)
  • Nico Calavita (D1)
  • Mary Calhoun (D3)
  • William Campbell (D3)
  • Maurice Carnell Jr (D4)
  • Jessica Carr (D3)
  • Robert Carr (D1)
  • Derek Casady (D1)
  • Jennifer Case (D3)
  • Tamarah Castañeda (D2)
  • Amanda Cave (D4)
  • Angelo Cave (D4)
  • Jose Cervantes (D2)
  • Liz Cervantes (D2)
  • Edward Chaplin (D5)
  • Amanda Chase (D9)
  • Elida Chavez (D4)
  • Marie Chen (D6)
  • Deborah Cheslow (D2)
  • Marisela Chevez (D4)
  • Staci Chiaese (D1)
  • Cathy Chichester (D2)
  • Lilianna Chmielowski (D1)
  • Carrie Christie (D9)
  • Jamie Churchill (D3)
  • Jennifer Cieslak (D2)
  • Iluminada Clamor-Smith (D1)
  • Rita Clement (D9)
  • LaTanya Cline (D3)
  • Barbara Cohen (D1)
  • Elizabeth Concha (D8)
  • Michelle Cone (D9) 
  • Temika Cook (D4)
  • Jack Coombes (D3)
  • Jessica Cordova (D3)
  • Amy Corey (D1)
  • Julie Corrales (D8)
  • Maria Cortez (D9)
  • Max Cotterill (D7)
  • Nancy Cottingham (D3)
  • Emily Cottrell (D2)
  • Larry Cousins (D9)
  • Chyann Cox (D3)
  • Dwayne Crenshaw (D4)
  • Orlando Crespo (D9)
  • Carl Crider (D1)
  • Gaia Croston (D3)
  • Evelyn Cruz (D1)
  • Brian J Curry (D2)
  • Tina Marie D’Angelo (D1)
  • Esther David (D1)
  • Cheryl Davis (D2)
  • Christie Davis (D2)
  • Janelle Davis (D4)
  • Sarah Davis (D3)
  • Sarah Dawson (D7)
  • Elise Dearborn (D1)
  • Angela de Joseph (D4)
  • Alexandria de los Santos (D3)
  • Marianne Delatorre (D7)
  • Kacie Desmond (D3)
  • Mark Dhillon (D6)
  • Cindy Dickinson (D3)
  • Kimberly Diggs (D4)
  • Masada Disenhouse (D3)
  • Jessica Dockstader (D3)
  • Buki Domingos (D4)
  • Magdalena Donea (D1)
  • Polly Dong (D1)
  • Gail Doore (D2)
  • Tanya Dory (D1)
  • Lora Dotson (D4)
  • Savana Doudar (D1)
  • Patrick Dudley (D3)
  • Susan Duerksen (D9)
  • Lesford Duncan (D9)
  • Sandra Duran (D3)
  • Toni Duran (D3)
  • James Eckman (D7)
  • Melissa Elder (D3)
  • Karem Elhams (D5)
  • James Elia (D1) 
  • Yvonne Elkin (D6)
  •  Anne Elliott (D3)
  • Bernard Ellorin (D4)
  • David Engel (D2)
  • Gayle Feallock (D4)
  • Andrew Feaster (D4)
  • Ariana Federico (D4)
  • Anne Fege (D6)
  • Gina Feletar (D2)
  • Lisa Fenton (D3)
  • Kathleen Ferrier (D3)
  • Sebastian Feye (D3)
  • Rebecca Fielding-Miller (D7)
  • James Fingerlos (D7)
  • Gwen Fish (D3)
  • Ashley Fisher (D9)
  • Mary Fisher (D9)
  • Colleen FitzSimons (D1)
  • Carrie Flowers (D2)
  • Christina Folco (D7)
  • Mina Fonze (D3)
  • Melinda Forstey (D2)
  • Caneisha Fortner (D1)
  • Connor Franklin Rey (D3)
  • Jenn French (D3)
  • Cara Furio (D7)
  • David Gangsei (D9)
  • Angelic Garcia (D1)
  • Arturo Garcia (D9)
  • Azucena Garcia (D4)
  • Jen Garcin (D7)
  • Gary Gartner (D2)
  • Peggy Gates (D4)
  • Reginald Gates (D4)
  • Harlynne Geisler (D1)
  • Wendy Gelernter (D2)
  • Lynn Gerson (D5)
  • Dorothy Gesick (D3)
  • Ariel Gibbs (D9)
  • Tari Gilbert (D3)
  • Cindy Gilchrist (D7)
  • Aeiramique Glass Blake (D4)
  • Jay Glicksman (D2)
  • Alexi Glines (D4)
  • Leslie Gollub (D7)
  • Claudia Gonzalez (D4)
  • Kimbrah Gonzalez (D9)
  • Alan Goodman (D2)
  • Gretchen Gordon (D2)
  • Ian Gordon (D9)
  • Patrick Gorham (D3)
  • Gary Goss (D3)
  • Deonna Grady (D9)
  • Emily Green (D3)
  • Kyra Greene (D3)
  • Myrna Gregorio (D1)
  • Christina Griffin-Jones (D2)
  • Jaqueline Guan (D3)
  • Safia Haidari (D7)
  • Jerry Hall (D3)
  • Peter Hall (D2)
  • James Halliday (D2)
  • Rachal Hamilton (D3)
  • Tara Hammond (D1)
  • Alexander Han (D3)
  • Adelka Hancova (D2)
  • Christopher Hanes (D1)
  • Steve Hansen (D2)
  • Beverly Harju (D2)
  • Diondre Harrison (D4)
  • Christine Haslet (D3)
  • Selma Hassane (D2)
  • Deniece Hasson (D7)
  • Christine Hatch (D7)
  • Morgan Hatch (D7)
  • Anne Haule (D3)
  • Mandy Havlik (D2)
  • Angela Hawkins (D2)
  • Aaron Hebshi (D3)
  • Adrienne Heinzelman (D5)
  • Kyle Heiskala (D3)
  • Julie Hendricks (D7)
  • Freda Hernandez (D9)
  • Roberto Hernandez (D9)
  • Stephanie Hernandez (D9)
  • David C Hickenbottom (D1)
  • Christie Hill (D4)
  • Blake Hofstad (D7)
  • David Hogan (D1)
  • Katherine Hogue (D5)
  • Tommy Hough (D6)
  • Emily Howe (D1)
  • Susan Howe (D9)
  • Matthew Howland (D3)
  • Margaret Hsu (D1)
  • Elizabeth Hubert (D7)
  • Sandra Huckleberry (D3)
  • John Hughes (D2)
  • Gustavo Huitron (D1)
  • Alex Hunt Osisioma (D1)
  • Phillip Hunter (D4)
  • Cathie Hyatt (D3)
  • Therese Hymer (D3)
  • Margarita Ibave (D5)
  • Lilly Irani (D3)
  • Crystal Irving (D3)
  • Toshihiko Ishihara (D5)
  • Clearblue Jackson (D2)
  • Barbara Jaffe-Rose (D7)
  • Pollyanna Jameson (D4)
  • Nikayla Jefferson (D2)
  • Danisha Jenkins (D9)
  • Desira Jenkins (D4)
  • Samantha Jenkins (D4)
  • Ben Johnson (D3)
  • Christy Johnston (D3)
  • Geneviéve Jones-Wright (D4)
  • Justin Joseph (D6)
  • Rebecca Kaiser (D4)
  • Ruhi Kamran (D5)
  • DJ Kuttin Kandi
  • Shay Kawanomiller (D3)
  • Laura Keller (D7)
  • Dr. Scott Kelley (D3)
  • Casey Kennedy (D3)
  • Sara Kennedy (D3)
  • Sara Kent (D3)
  • Omair Khan (D2)
  • Rabia Khurram (D1)
  • Evangeline Kidd (D2)
  • Armand King (D4)
  • Elesha Kingshott (D3)
  • Andre Kirkendoll (D4)
  • Leilah Kirkendoll (D4)
  • Kimberly Kishon (D3)
  • Andrea Knab (D7)
  • Mikey Knab (D3)
  • Thomas Konrad (D1)
  • Andy Kopp (D3)
  • Evie Kosower (D9)
  • Douglas Kot (D2)
  • Melody Kramer (D2)
  • Brian Krohne (D7)
  • Michelle Krug (D4)
  • Setche Kwamu-Nana (D1)
  • Sandra Lambarri Johnson (D4)
  • Carol Landale (D1)
  • Joyce Lane (D9)
  • Mark Lane (D4)
  • Bridger Langfur (D2)
  • Lindy Laub (D9)
  • Brisa Lauren Johnson (D6)
  • Trinh Le (D3)
  • Victoria Lea (D1)
  • Bill Leach (D3)
  • Audrey Ledesma (D4)
  • Ebonay Lee (D4)
  • Megan Lessert (D3)
  • Mario Lewis (D4)
  • Susan Lewitt (D1)
  • Terri Leyton (D7)
  • Jade Liaw (D3)
  • Carolyn Lief (D2)
  • Spenser Little (D1)
  • Matthew Looney (D6)
  • Denisse Lopez (D9)
  • Monique Lopez (D3)
  • John Loughlin (D2)
  • Kevin Lourens (D1)
  • Kirin Macapugay (D3)
  • Joseph MacRae (D2)
  • Mark Maddox (D9)
  • Adib Mahdi (D4)
  • Ahmad Mahmuod (D4)
  • Nancy Maldonado (D7)
  • Sheryl Mallory-Johnson (D4)
  • Elaine Maltz (D1)
  • Lauren Manalo (D3)
  • Carolyn Marsden (D1)
  • Maleeka Marsden (D2)
  • Imani Marshall (D7)
  • Carolina Martin Ramos (D8)
  • Taylor Martin (D6)
  • Ana Laura Martinez (D8)
  • C. Martinez (D3)
  • Carolyn Matini (D7)
  • Andrew Matschiner (D1)
  • Kelly Mayhew (D3)
  • Kimberly Mazyck (D4)
  • Mike McAndrew (D2)
  • Chris McCann (D1)
  • Dan McClain (D2)
  • Katherine McCulloch (D3)
  • Michelle McCurdy (D7)
  • Michael McDonald (D3)
  • Shauna McKenna (D2)
  • Roy McMakin (D3)
  • Madeleine McMurray (D3)
  • Franny McNamara (D2)
  • Denise McNeal (D1)
  • Petrine McShane (D1)
  • Miguel Mejia (D3)
  • Richard Mellen (D6)
  • Klaus Mendenhall (D2)
  • Brendan Mendoza (D7)
  • Vincent Mendoza (D7)
  • Katie Meyer (D3)
  • Arthur Meyers (D1)
  • Charles Miles (D3)
  • Beverly Miller (D4)
  • Brenda Miller (D1)
  • Elisse Miller (D3)
  • Jim Miller (D3)
  • Lindsay Miller (D6)
  • Ronnie Miller (D1)
  • Sarah Millhoff (D3)
  • Stefani Mills (D1)
  • Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh (D1)
  • Maya Misra (D2)
  • Kipling Mitchell (D4)
  • Bee Mittermiller (D1)
  • Patricia Mondragon (D3)
  • Ramon Montaño Márquez (D9)
  • Patricia Montgomery (D4)
  • Jessica Moore (D5)
  • Judy Moore (D1)
  • Jane Moores (D1)
  • Ty Moran (D3)
  • Malcolme Morgan (D4)
  • Mike Morgan (D2)
  • Karla Morrell (D1)
  • Carolynn Mueller (D9)
  • Maria Muhammad (D8)
  • Tom Mullaney (D3)
  • Patricia Murphy (D7)
  • Scott Murray (D5)
  • Dakota Murrieta (D7)
  • Patricia Murrin (D7)
  • Dave Myers (D7)
  • Talat Najmi (D1)
  • Ahmad Riaz Nawabi (D5)
  • Aleena Jun Nawabi (D5)
  • Camille Nebeker (D3)
  • Lorenzo Nericcio (D3)
  • Linh Nguyen
  • Vivien Nguyen (D9)
  • Summer Nixon (D2)
  • Mustafa Nizam (D4)
  • Kemiya Nutter (D4)
  • Yasmeen Obeid (D4)
  • Colleen O’Connor (D2)
  • Allison Ohle (D2)
  • Rosa Olascoaga (D4)
  • Jeff Olson (D3)
  • Susan Orlofsky (D2)
  • Shelah Ott (D3)
  • Linda Ottley (D1)
  • Blair Overstreet (D9)
  • Andreea Parisi (D1)
  • William Pattee (D5)
  • Alec Patton (D3)
  • Patricia Paul (D8)
  • Bryan Pease (D2)
  • Susan Peinado (D2)
  • Serena Pelka (D2)
  • Evan Peng (D5)
  • Katie Penninga (D3)
  • Whitney Pepper (D9)
  • Rafael Perez (D8)
  • Micah Perlin (D2)
  • Navarre Perry (D3)
  • Janet Peterson (D4)
  • Philip Petrie (D3)
  • Mary Petrowski (D5)
  • Van Pham (D7)
  • Cheryl Alethia Phelps (D3)
  • Jennifer Phelps (D1)
  • Joshua Piedra (D9)
  • Alyce Pipkin-Allen (D4)
  • Pia Piscitelli (D3)
  • Shelley Plumb (D1)
  • Miriam Ponce-Ow (D7)
  • Douglas Porter (D3)
  • Christina Potter (D7)
  • Jay Powell (D3)
  • Kara Powell (D9)
  • Bill Powers (D3)
  • Melvin Pradd (D4)
  • Eddie Price (D4)
  • Carmela Prudencio (D3)
  • Mohammed Purmul (D5)
  • Naveed Qazi (D1)
  • Caleb Rainey (D3)
  • Richard Ram (D7)
  • Griselda Ramirez (D9)
  • Ferchil Ramos (D3)
  • Joan Raphael (D6)
  • Christina Redick (D7)
  • Austin Reed (D3)
  • Nancy Relaford (D3)
  • Jakob Richardson (D3)
  • Mary Richardson (D2)
  • Natalie Richardson (D2)
  • LaWana Richmond (D4)
  • David Robertson (D5)
  • Galena Robertson (D7)
  • Conor Robinson (D9)
  • Gregg Robinson (D2)
  • Sonja Robinson (D4)
  • Andrea Rodriguez (D5)
  • Diane Rogers (D9)
  • Devon Rojas (D1)
  • Rebecca Rojas (D3)
  • Craig Rose (D7)
  • Ben Rosellini (D1)
  • Alison Ross (D1)
  • Lisa Ross (D1)
  • Paul Ross (D9)
  • Hugh Rothman (D5)
  • Amelia Rowley (D9)
  • Roberto Rubalcaba (D4)
  • Amanda Ruetten (D2)
  • Rachel Ruiz (D7)
  • Vianney Ruvalcaba (D9)
  • Stacy Sakamoto (D3)
  • Michael Sakasegawa (D6)
  • Natasha Salgado (D8)
  • Arthur Salm (D9)
  • Brent Sammons (D3)
  • Ron Sanchez (D3)
  • Norma Sandoval (D4)
  • Sarah Sanger (D9)
  • Zayda Sarinana (D1)
  • Joya Saxena (D2)
  • Wedad Schlott (D3)
  • Veda Schmigel (D3)
  • Triana Schussler (D1)
  • Arthur Scott (D4)
  • KariLorraine Scott (D3)
  • Gil Sery (D6)
  • Sarah Setiawan (D9)
  • Fouzia Shaghel (D1)
  • Syed Shah (D5)
  • Ali Shareef (D5)
  • Mick Shauger (D2)
  • Kadijah Sheik (D1)
  • Terence Shigg (D1)
  • Liz Shopes (D1)
  • Evan Shulman (D3)
  • Manuel Shvartzberg Carrio (D3)
  • Aliya Siddiqi (D1)
  • Tyson Siegele (D7)
  • Linsey Silverstein (D3)
  • Anthony Silvia (D1)
  • Andrew Simmerman (D4)
  • Allie Sisk (D2)
  • Julia Slupska (D2)
  • Mary Smart (D1)
  • Rene Smith (D3)
  • Sally Smull (D4)
  • Sage Soledad (D9)
  • Alex Southard (D3)
  • Chelsi Sparti (D3)
  • Dylan Speed (D3)
  • Muriel Spooner (D2)
  • Andrea St. Julian (D1)
  • Janice Stadler (D2)
  • Kathy Stadler (D2)
  • Megan Stanger (D3)
  • Kuni Stearns (D3)
  • Steven Steppe (D4)
  • Sheila Stittiams (D9)
  • Perri Storey (D8)
  • Larry Stowell (D2)
  • Susan Stratton (D2)
  • Matt Stucky (D3)
  • Susan Swan (D3)
  • Alvina Syed (D1)
  • Kelly Szymczak (D1)
  • Natalia Tafur (D2)
  • Abdullah Tahiri (D1)
  • Diane Takvorian (D9)
  • Audrey Tamayo (D4)
  • Stephen Tanner (D6)
  • Urooj Taquie (D4)
  • Pamela Terrebonne (D5)
  • Debbie Terry (D2)
  • Stephanie Tillman (D1)
  • Anne Marie Tipton (D9)
  • Louise Titlow (D2)
  • Amy Tobia (D1)
  • Lauren Tomicich (D3)
  • Daria Tomsky (D3)
  • Randy Torres-Van Vleck (D3)
  • Iris Trammel (D4)
  • David Tran (D4)
  • Jean-Huy Tran (D3)
  • David Trujillo (D3)
  • John Turner (D4)
  • Romelia Turner (D4)
  • Graciela Uriarte (D2)
  • Stacey Uy (D3)
  • Georgine Vaifale (D4)
  • Ono Vaifale (D4)
  • Susan Valle (D9)
  • Karen Van Dyke (D6)
  • Nikki Van Dyke (D4)
  • Lori Van Orden (D5)
  • Jennifer Valenti (D6)
  • Matt Valenti (D6)
  • Matthew Vasilakis (D3)
  • Kate Vedder (D2)
  • Nicole Verdes (D3)
  • Taylor Vierra (D3)
  • Jacqueline Vinaccia (D5)
  • Margaret Virissimo (D2)
  • Leslie Vivian (D7)
  • Natalia von Hausen (D3)
  • Mat Wahlstrom (D3)
  • Pelle Wall (D3)
  • Jessica Wallach (D7)
  • Jerome Wanetick (D1)
  • Patricia Warner (D7)
  • Fareeha Waqas (D1)
  • Ryan Wauson (D3)
  • Lowell Waxman (D3)
  • Chaunteal Webb-Candler (D4)
  • Brett Weise (D3)
  • Rick Whaley (D3)
  • Wendy Wheatcroft (D7)
  • Maria Whitehorse (D4)
  • Tony Wiggins (D1)
  • Josiah Williams (D6)
  • Tasha Williamson (D4)
  • Drucilla Willis (D4)
  • Aisha Wilson (D6)
  • Rosalind Winstead (D3)
  • BJ Withall (D1)
  • Nathan Wollmann (D2)
  • Gary Wonacott (D2)
  • Julie Wood (D7)
  • Donte Wyatt (D7)
  • Nancy Yuen (D6)
  • Emily Zaehring (D3)
  • Amie Zamudio (D1)
  • Frances O’Neill Zimmerman (D1)
  • Karin Zirk (D2)

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Sample Email to Share

Subject: Support Monica Montgomery Steppe for SD Council President


Please join me in advocating for Monica Montgomery Steppe to be the next President of the San Diego City Council.  

Choosing the next Council President is the important first decision of the newly elected City Council on Dec. 10, and will drive its direction. That’s when we’ll see if this historic council, including five new members elected on progressive platforms, walks the walk. Will they listen to the community and follow through on their commitment to racial justice and equity — and choose Monica Montgomery Steppe?

Monica has the experience, integrity, and leadership to navigate the critical issues facing San Diego, including Covid, affordable housing, race and equity, and climate change. She has a track record of open dialogue with the community and working to ensure that every San Diegan has the opportunity to succeed.  

I hope you will  join me and add your name today! 

Thank you. 

Emails & Social Media Handles for Councilmembers


“The American Federation of Teachers, Local 1931 enthusiastically supports Monica Montgomery for San Diego City Council President because her strong advocacy for criminal justice reform, equity, environmental sustainability, and workers' rights is in line with our values. As her solid support for Proposition 15 illustrates, Councilmember Montgomery also clearly understands that the public sector needs resources to be able to respond to the current crisis and move toward a just recovery for all San Diegans. Her leadership on the City Council will help support and foster the community that we serve."
- Jim Miller, American Federation of Teachers, Local 1931
"Environmental Health Coalition strongly supports Councilwoman Monica Montgomery to be San Diego’s next City Council President. Councilwoman Montgomery has demonstrated her commitment to racial and environmental justice as she spearheaded the establishment of the Office of Race and Equity. She recognizes the relationship between environmental inequities and health and has stood up to ensure that all San Diego residents have a safe place to live, work and play. Creating and sustaining neighborhoods that provide a fair and equitable opportunity for success for everyone is a hallmark of Monica’s leadership and we look forward to working with her to achieve this critical goal."
- Diane Takvorian, Executive Director,
Environmental Health Coalition
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe was a founding member of our organization BWILD, the Black Women's Institute for Leadership Development. She is the embodiment of our public service mission with an emphasis on black women leadership. We are confident in Monica's capacity and ability to lead the City Council."
- Chevelle Newell-Tate, Black Women's Institute for Leadership Development
"San Diego needs leadership who understands what equity means. Our city is diverse and our challenges are dynamic. Monica Montgomery Steppe takes a nuanced approach to these issues, and listens to the lived experience of all San Diegans. Her leadership will ensure that the City Council takes on the most pressing problems our city faces with the dedication and commitment that she herself has shown as the People's Councilmember."
- Mikey Knab, D3
"Amazing leaders like Council Member Montgomery doesn't grow on trees. She has been representing all of San Diego and we would love her to continue as a fair balanced President of the SD Council."
- Aleena Jun Nawabi, American Muslim Democrats, San Diego
"Monica Montgomery Steppe is the leader that San Diego needs. She is knowledgeable and experienced, she listens, she delivers on her promises and she is committed to the issues that are so important to us now - livable neighborhoods, housing and homelessness, environmental justice, racial justice, and criminal justice reform."
- Wendy Gelernter, D2
"Council Member Montgomery always stands for transparency and leadership towards better government."
- Dan McClain, D2
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe has the courage and independence it takes to be a great Council President. She listens to the community and leads with integrity, even if that means going against special interests. Her commitment to the people she represents is what makes her exceptionally qualified for the role."
- Stefani Mills, D1
"In the midst of a public health crisis, we need a city leader who understands that public health is social justice, and that the core of all good public health response is meeting people where they are. Monica Montgomery Steppe is the right person to ensure that our city's COVID-19 response is centered on community-engagement, equity, and justice. "
- Rebecca Fielding-Miller, D7
"Monica will be a great City Council President! She listens and advocates for the community."
- Anabel Arauz, D8
"In her brief 2 years on the SD City Council Monica has done more for her community and for the City of San Diego than any two other council members. She has kept her promises to be the people's council member and not just for those in District 4, but we the people in all of San Diego. She has led the way to ensure Measure B made it to the ballot, she led the charge to create the Office of Race and Equity. She is the leader the San Diego City Council needs."
- Yvonne Elkin, D6
"Monica does her homework. She reads the bills proposed, stands her ground but she listens to others. These are traits we need."
- Beverly Harju, D2
"Monica has a vision for the city of San Diego that is both ambitious and very much rooted in the communities she serves."
- Joe Bettles, D1
"Monica is the right person at the right time to lead. Her efforts on equity and climate, as well as her leadership skills make this a good fit for the health and safety of San Diegans."
- Scott Murray, D5
"Monica is the right person for this position for this moment. The City must move forward in a positive direction and Monica will help make that happen."
- Nancy Cottingham, D3
"From day one, Monica has been dedicated to fighting for equity in her district and our city, and as Council President, I know that this would help San Diego make meaningful strides towards ensuring our city centers equity in its policy, governance, and decision-making."
- Maleeka Marsden, D2
"Monica represents the people/ community and she has the drive and motivation that is needing in a great Council President."
- Shay Kawanomiller, D3
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe has led the initiative for Community Power as the City's representative to the Community Power CCA and in the important issue of defining who will operate our energy grid system to ensure local clean energy is produced and provided to benefit all communities with renewable power and jobs in the future. She does her homework, she asks the right questions and she will represent all our interests City-wide."
- Jay Powell, D3
"Truly an inclusive minded leader we need now!"
- Abdullah Tahiri, D1
"I had the opportunity to sit next to, and meet Ms. Steppe at the Women's Democratic meeting several years ago. It was clear she deeply cares about our community and has a way of bringing people together. She is a great listener too!!"
Christine Haslet, D3
"Monica Montgomery Steppe has consistently fought for a people's agenda."
- Shauna McKenna, D2
"Monica has been a strong advocate for San Diegans throughout her term on the city council and we need her leadership as City Council President!"
- Matthew Howland, D3
"Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe represents our city with honor and respect for all people. She will work to ensure that all communities are treated equally and fair."
- Elida Chavez, D4
"Monica will help bring justice to all of us including those who have been marginalized and profiled by the police. I've followed her progress and believe she is truly the people's representative. "
- Anne Haule, D3
"Monica Montgomery Steppe has consistently acted in the interests of the residents of San Diego, even if that has required holding bold positions in the face of opposition. She is the right person for this position."
- Victoria Rivapalacio, D6
""I heard Ms. Montgomery-Steppe speak in early 2018 before I knew anything about her and I've been a fan ever since. Her insight, values, and ideas are only eclipsed by the work she gets done. She is the embodiment of our democratic values - someone who recognized a problem and stood up and gathered her community to address it. Keep fighting for us Monica, and thank you!""
- Patrick Gorham, D3
"Prior to being elected as the People's Councilmember, Monica Montgomery-Steppe, Esq. has always shown she is about the people, regardless of their views. She is a woman of leadership, couth and resilience. The Councilwoman knows the impact of her being in position and what this means for generations to come. She has my full support in any and everything she does."
- Chaunteal Webb-Candler, D4
"She has the proven leadership, integrity and experience to be San Diego's next City Council President. #FollowBlackLeaders"
- Terri Leyton, D7
"I work in D3 and support Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe for Council President because she can bring community service to the next level, with all of us supporting her vision. She's highly effective, gracious, wise, and beloved not only by her D4 constituents but throughout the region for her integrity, heart, and work ethic. I hope a majority of the incoming Council will support this brilliant woman. Let's see what San Diego can do with her at the helm."
- Sara Kent, D3
"I support Monica Montgomery for Council President. We need her expertise now more than ever."
- Chris McCann, D1
"Monica Montgomery Steppe is the experienced, independent, bold leader we need to navigate the interconnected crises of COVID-19, climate change, criminal justice reform, and housing. Her efforts and leadership on equity and the climate make her the best fit for the health and safety of San Diegans."
- Alexandria Abrams, D2
"We need leadership that will actually listen to the most vulnerable among us. Monica will do that."
- Michelle McCurdy, D7
"Experience and independence makes her the clear choice. A no-brainer."
- Lisa Ross, D1
"Councilmember Montgomery has always been a staunch and readily accessible advocate for the communities. She has always placed the good of the public as her priority. I am very proud to support her!"
- Terence Shigg, D2
"Monica is the obvious choice. A City Council is meant to represent the people. No Council Member more clearly and ardently represents and advocates for the people of San Diego than Monica Montgomery Steppe."
- Justin Joseph, D6
"We believe that Monica Montgomery Steppe will do a wonderful job. #BlackLivesMatter and #Blackleadershipmatters. We encourage councilmembers to stand with our Party and elect her San Diego’s next City Council President.”
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe has taken on some of the toughest battles in this City and succeeded. Her experience, knowledge, and skill have led her to fight for the issues that matter to San Diegans and not give in to special interests at City Hall. She is the leader San Diego needs as Council President.”
- San Diegans for Justice
"“The membership of SEIU 221 is proud to endorse Monica Montgomery-Steppe for Council President. No one knows and exemplifies the truth that there is no economic justice without racial justice than Council Member Montgomery-Steppe. She is the right leader for our council at this critical time for our community.”
- David Garcias, SEIU 221 President
"Monica Montgomery Steppe is the experienced, independent, bold leader San Diego needs to successfully navigate the interconnected crises of covid, climate change, criminal justice reform, and housing – and ensure every San Diegan can achieve economic prosperity, health, and justice."
- Masada Disenhouse, executive director, SanDiego350
"CM Mongomery helped us start our life skills class for a reentry program I started in D4, called hoMEwork, that helps get formerly incarcerated women and men, careers in unions. This life skills class is the means of ending recidivism, by working on becoming community leaders, through civic engagement and other means. She traveled to Los Angeles with me, to evaluate the system, and pledged her support. So far, we have seen 20 People's lives changed through careers in a building trade. She walks the walk, when no one sees."
- Jason Shanley, hoMEwork
"The rarest thing in politics is an elected official who, amidst the constant seductions of the powerful Few, can yet hear the hushed voice of the Many. Who can look past the special interests that crowd their schedules and keep their gaze fixed on the common good. This city has enough wind vanes. It needs a lodestone; someone to point true north in spite the winds. Councilmember Monica Montgomery is that person. Nobody’s north is truer, nobody’s commitment to the interests of San Diego’s working families more constant. I encourage the members of the San Diego City Council to elect her Council President on December 10th."
- Cody Petterson, San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action
"I first met Monica when I became an ACLU volunteer and she was the lead ACLU organizer. Her passion and deep concern for members of the community, particularly in the area of criminal justice reform immediately impressed me, as did her intelligence and leadership qualities, I supported her in her run for District Four Council Representative, because I felt she would also be representing the interests of the entire City of San Diego. In her time as a Council Member, she has more than met my hopes and expectations. She is the best possible candidate for City Council President, and I am proud and delighted to support her for that position. I know her, I trust her, and I support her!"
- Navarre Perry, D3
"Monica Montgomery Steppe is a proven and trusted leader in the community and this is why I support her as the San Diego City Council President. Her work in District 4 shows that she always puts the community first, and this is the kind of leadership we need at a more citywide level."
- Ferchil Ramos, D3
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe is a proven leader, and the obvious choice for Council President. I couldn't imagine a better person to lead our city council in this time of uncertainty and transformation."
- Liam Barrett, D6
“Her leadership on the Council has been awesome and consistent. She understands the issues and policy and works to put community first."
- Kathleen Ferrier, D3
"She is the leader the City needs as Council President. She has vision, courage, and the smarts needed to do the job. She is community-focused. She is who we need, not a prop."
- Geneviéve Jones-Wright, D4
"Our family was falsely charged a $700 water bill. As a family that lives paycheck to paycheck we could not afford this. Monica's office got to the bottom of it and within a few days we got an updated bill that was much lower.. this is how swift Monica and her team work."
- Ahmad Mahmuod, D4
"On every issue I've heard her speak or vote on, Monica has been knowledgeable, thoughtful and very focused on good outcomes both for her district and all of us in San Diego. I can't think of a better person to lead our City Council."
- Amy Tobia, D1
"I am a Homeless Advocate and resident in the beach area. We appreciate Monica's strong leadership and her work with Public Safety Livable Neighborhoods. She is balanced, fair, equitable, and attentive to all San Diegans."
- Amie Zamudio, D1
"San Diego would be lucky to have such a committed, just, and strong leader as Council President. I strongly support Councilmember Montgomery Steppe for San Diego City Council President. Thank you for all you do for our communities."
- Sandra Duran, D3
"Monica puts people first!"
- Amy Corey, D1
"Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe, The People's Councilmember, is the most progressive, most qualified, most empathetic, most unbought Councilmember. We all need Monica to help lead us toward the light in these times with her unique community-centered leadership and courage."
- Luca Barton, D5
"I have seen Monica Montgomery take leadership on important issues such as Police oversight. I trust her ability to gather information and formulate policy that makes sense for the overall community."
- Cindy Dickinson, D3
"Councilwoman M Montgomery-Steppe is a tenacious fighter for justice for all people."
- Anne Elliott, D1
"Monica is smart and caring about people - She has both the brains and the heart to serve as Council President. We all should be grateful to have Monica in leadership."
- Emily Howe, D1
"A consistent presence for community justice and restoring trust."
- Anne Barron, D9
"Monica gets the job done and is personable with our community. So much progress is felt throughout district 4."
- Bernard Ellorin, D4
"Monica Montgomery Steppe advocated for the Citizens' police advisory board and has a track record of fighting for citizens."
- Cheryl Brierton, D3
"Monica is a steadfast, bright beacon of hope for San Diego. She creatively marries empathy and actionable change to transform the lives of everyday San Diego folk. I'm proud to know and support her!"
- David Tran, D4
"Monica is a rare San Diego city council representative -- thoughtful, intelligent, honest, and community-minded."
- Frances O'Neill Zimmerman, D1
"I have already seen what Monica Montgomery Steppe has done not only for District 4, but for San Diego overall. She represents a majority-minority district which has historically been marginalized and deprioritized, but under her leadership she has begun to make progress. Her work on police accountability and privacy has already made an impact on the lives of San Diegans. I strongly support MMS for council prez!!!"
- Alexi Glines, D4
"Monica has led the way for much needed reform and stands up for her community with integrity. I highly endorse her as Council President."
- Rachel Ruiz, D7
"We need a woman who understands the stakes."
- Nancy Yuen, D6
"Monica Montgomery-Steppe has consistently demonstrated her willingness to thoughtfully engage with community members to address ongoing social and racial injustices. Her steadfast determination and passion for her work make her the most sensible choice for council president!"
- Maya Misra, D2
"A passionate advocate, wise in the ways of local politics, Monica is the right person to lead us during these difficult times."
- Rene Smith, D3
"Councilwoman Montgomery serves her community with an eye towards true advocacy and partnership. She builds diverse coalitions that represent the diversity of her constituency and speaks to their concerns with an authentic grasp of the issues. She consistently demonstrates the servant leadership that San Diego needs."
- Samantha Jenkins, D4
"It is clear that Monica cares deeply about community engagement and a green economy and job equity in order to support climate change solutions so desperately needed for the health of our city, world, as well as our children's futures."
- Diane Lopez Hughes, D2
"Monica Montgomery Steppe has the experience, fortitude and vision to lead the City Council forward. She stood up for her district and will put the people of San Diego front and center of all decision making. She has my personal and professional endorsement."
- Angela de Joseph, D4
"I support Monica Montgomery Steppe for San Diego City Council President because I trust her to do what is best for the great majority of the people of San Diego. I believe she is the people's candidate, not a special interest candidate. And I really like that she is a black woman."
- Derek Casady, D1
"Councilwoman Monica Montgomery is the people’s councilmember. She fights for everyone in this City and in this region. She brings brilliance, passion and love to this work. The Center on Policy Initiatives strongly supports Councilmember Montgomery to be the next City of San Diego Council President. She has proven her commitment to stay in the fight, time and time again. Under her leadership these past two years we have seen her commitment to creating a San Diego with economic prosperity, sustainable communities, and a healthy environment for all."
- Kyra R. Greene, PhD, Executive Director, Center on Policy Initiatives
“The San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, representing 200,000 working families, supports Monica Montgomery Steppe for San Diego City Council president.”
- From Social Media Statement
"Councilmember Montgomery Steppe has been a strong supporter of the Filipinx-American community In D4 and especially in Bay Terrace. She supported our Bay Terrace grassroots community advocacy for the Bay Terrace Senior Center, that has recently completed construction after decades of broken promises by multiple electeds. She has shown herself to be a true and authentic leader in D4, empathetic and responding quickly to the needs of our community. She and her team live in and/or are from the D4 community so they know the needs first hand. We don't ever need to wonder about Councilmember Montgomery Steppe's intentions because she has and always will be for the people, our community, our neighborhood. That's why she is the community's Councilmember, and that's why she will make an excellent Council President. She is personally in touch with her District, and would do the same for the others. We are proud to call her our sister, and stand besides her 100%."
- Cynthia Suero-Gabler, Bay Terrace Fil-Am Seniors Association
"City Councilmember Monica Montgomery has been a thoughtful and transparent leader. She has been a consistent partner to the Community Budget Alliance, and responsive to the needs of the community. CM Montgomery has what it takes to help lead our City in the right direction!"
- Lesford Duncan, D9
"Monica is the best for this position and you count on her on her proven abilities and getting things done like what she did for the Senior Centers in Bay Terrace Community Park."
- Domingo Ona, Jr Ona Photography
"One hopes that the leader of the City Council is highly intelligent, a seasoned leader, honest, ethical, cordial and open to all opinions and viewpoints. That being said, she must represent what is best for the City which requires which requires research, listening and comfort with expressing her own point of view while leading others who may not support her. I believe that Monica is very well suited emotionally and intellectually for this task. I believe she is the best of current Council persons to take on this challenging and important leadership roll. Hands down!"
- Patricia Murphy, D7
"Monica is everything the people need and want! Thank you for all that you do! Can't wait until Monica is president so she can continue to do the REAL work for our communities!!"
- Ebonay Lee, D4
"I can always count on Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe to work with the community on issues that we care about. She has always met with us, dialogued with us & voted with our values & priorities. She is really the People's Councilmember & she should be representing us as the Council President."
- jean-huy tran, D3
"I have seen Monica work as a city council and MTS board member focusing on the communities of concern and leading multiple efforts in improving lives of those who need attention and help from the city and public agencies. She is very result-oriented. I support her for San Diego City Council President."
- Toshihiko Ishihara, D5
"Monica Montgomery champions issues communities raise and has demonstrated bravery and dedication in bringing common sense processes to public safety and emerging technology."
- Lilly Irani, D3
"We believe in Monica because she believes in a better San Diego for everyone!"
- Terry Brooks, D4
"I've known Monica all her life. She has always strived to create an atmosphere of parity and equality in her community. As an attorney, Monica brings formidable analytical skills to her job. She emits class and dignity and will not lower the bar of decency as she advocates on behalf of her representative district or for the city of San Diego. Mrs. Montgomery Steppe is a brilliant advocate for our city and she is the epitome of resilience. I strongly endorse her candidacy and urge her district, colleagues and the city at large to support her candidacy for Council President."
- Ronnie Miller, D1
"Monica Montgomery has always impressed me as a true representative of the people. She cares about each and every person in the community and strives to make San Diego better every day - exactly what we need in a City Council President."
- Tyson Siegele, D7
"CM Monica Montgomery is authentic, dedicated, courageous, trust worthy and cares for her community members"
- Wedad Schlotte, D3
"Councilmember Monica Montgomery-Steppe has been by far the most authentic, consistent, and forward thinking councilmember I've seen serving our city for the past several decades. We've all seen candidates say and promise just about anything to win, and later see little if any of those promises materialize. Not so with Monica. She truly is dedicated to serve, has done so humbly, and has shown tremendous levels of patience and diligence to deliver results. Her team are just as dedicated to ensure their constituents are heard, respected, and well served. San Diego will be a better city with Monica serving as Council President. I'm obviously a fan."
- Jerry Hall, D3
"She is what we are looking for in a community leader."
- Pollyanna Jameson, D4
"Monica Montgomery Steppe knows how to lead fiercely and fearlessly. Her knowledge and wisdom of what equity means and the pathways to legislate more equitably has and will continue to be voice for our most marginalized communities. "
- Mejgan Afshan, D4
"Council Member Montgomery always stands for transparency and leadership towards better government."
- Dan McClain, D2
"Monica is engaging and abreast with the issues affecting the community."
- Brenda Miller, D1
"I am a 17 year old at PLHS. As a community, we need Monica Montgomery as the President of the City Council; without her, many important and timely issues will not be resolved or even talked about. San Diego is ready for change and Monica Montgomery is our first step!"
- Adelka Hancova, D2
"A Person for the People who is fair and honest and understands the love for People and the communities."
- LaTanya Cline, D3
"Monica Montgomery-Steppe has been fighting for her communities from her first day in office. She works alongside her constituents in getting cleaned up - literally and figuratively. Monica listens, and truly is the People's Councilmember. Her #CommunityFirst philosophy is helping us towards racial equity in services that have not happened under previous Reps."
- Sally Smull, D4
"We need Monica Montgomery Steppe's leadership now, more than ever. She has great competency, knowledge, and the highest integrity. Monica will renew the people's trust in government."
- Carolina Martin Ramos, D8
"I endorse Monica Montgomery Steppe for City Council President. As a Chinese, Japanese America I need someone as president who will support me, and Monica will do just that! She has shown up for the Asian American community in San Diego and I expect her to continue doing so in the future. Please join me in supporting Monica Montgomery Steppe for City Council President."
- Nicole Oga, D3
"Monica has shown leadership in being committed to making San Diego a better place to live for all residents."
- Evie Kosower, D9
"I have been very impressed with the way CM Montgomery actually listens to her constituents, and with her commitment to holding power accountable and making San Diego a city where all people can flourish."
- Michael Sakasegawa, D6
"I know she's leading for justice in our communities furthest from it. Leadership that prioritizes the most vulnerable among us benefits everyone. Monica for Council President!"
- Allison Ohle, D2
"Monica has led the way for much needed reform and stands up for her community with integrity. I highly endorse her as Council President."
- Rachel Ruiz, D7
"I proudly support CM Monica Montgomery Steppe for Council President for the City of San Diego. A person of keen intellect, vision, empathy and moral courage, Montgomery Steppe brings the strong, experienced servant leadership necessary for our city and all San Diegans to move forward, particularly in these extraordinary times."
- Cheryl Alethia Phelps, D3
"Councilperson Montgomery Steppe was a great champion for Measure B, and it passed with an overwhelming 75% of the vote. She clearly represents the will of the people and can help set a new tone for real change as Council President."
- Mark Dhillon, D6
"Since her election several years ago, I feel Monica has been a real standout in advocating for transparency and equal treatment in government. We need a talented and experienced person like her to lead the Council at this crucial time. As a White woman who votes, I believe that Black lives and Black leadership matter, especially at this time of many significant challenges."
- Patricia Warner, D7
"San Diego needs both the bold and grounded leadership uniquely offered by Councilmember Montgomery-Steppe."
- Lowell Waxman, D3
"As a District 4 resident, I see the hard work and changes Councilmember Montgomery has brought about. Her dedication to the residents is evident, and I'm sure she will do a great job as Council President."
- Sandra Lambarri Johnson, D4
"Monica Montgomery Steppe is hard working, dedicated public servant who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills as a council member. Her communication is open and inclusive, which will be important as the city deals with the social and economic inequities which have been exacerbated by the pandemic."
- Gail Doore, D2
"Monica is intelligent, diligent, and will do her best to make the best choices for the people of San Diego."
- Jennifer Valenti, D6
"Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe is the change we need to lead the council, and help lead the city, to a truly progressive future."
- Hugh Rothman, D5
"Ms. Montgomery is most qualified for the position as City Council President given her strong commitment to community interests, concerns. She has a genuine interest in making San Diego a better place for all. Her evenhanded approach to governing is exactly what the city of San Diego needs!!"
- Sheila Stittiams, D9